rational [rash′ən əl]
[ME racional < L rationalis < ratio: see REASON]
1. of, based on, or derived from reasoning [rational powers]
2. able to reason; reasoning; in possession of one's reason or sanity
3. showing reason; not foolish or silly; sensible [a rational argument]
4. Math.
a) designating or of a real number or quantity expressible as the ratio of two integers, with the second integer not being equal to zero: all integers and fractions are rational numbers: cf. IRRATIONAL, sense 3
b) designating a function expressible as the quotient of two polynomials
SYN.- RATIONAL implies the ability to reason logically, as by drawing conclusions from inferences, and often connotes the absence of emotionalism [man is a rational creature ]; REASONABLE is a less technical term and suggests the use of practical reason in making decisions, choices, etc. [a reasonable solution to a problem ]; SENSIBLE, also a nontechnical term, implies the use of common sense or sound judgment [you made a sensible decision ] -ANT. IRRATIONAL, ABSURD

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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